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    The Cryosauna has helped restore between workouts and thus prevent injuries, but also in styling throughout the course of preparation. Also important is the role of Cryosaunas stimulate psychology, especially before a difficult match – goal, just because it gives immediate well-being due to the hypersecretion endorphin.

    Dimitris Th.

    Quick recovery without using pharmaceutical drugs.

    George Ts.

    As a former basketball player, after years my injuries began to show their scars. This made me unable to continue the sports lifestyle that I loved so much. So I tried the Cryosauna and it was the best gift to myself. The pain was gone after the first sessions.
    I hope many people learn about the Cryosauna, because the benefits are so many !!!

    Maria Tz.

    There is no better feeling after a Cryosauna session!! It makes you feel like another person full of energy and life !!!

    Penny Z.

    The best gift that someone can give to himself. The pain in my back that made me suffer even going to sleep went away from the first session. Thank you.

    Giannis K.

    If you get into the Cryosauna once you do not want stop it. It gives you a sense of well being and eliminates stress. It is all you need after an intense day of work.

    George B.

    After several sessions in the Cryosauna, I saw my skin, my hair and generally my body strengthen. The Cryosauna is exactly what I need to improve my quality of life. If you have never been in the Cryosauna you are missing out on a unique experience.

    Costas D.

    I couldn’t believe I would overcome my fear and enter the Cryosauna to -150! It is actually true. The Cryosauna has changed my health for the better and has quickly depreciated by medical expenses.

    Noni D.