The word “sauna” people usually imagine a place where you can get a good warm up, sweating or to participate in the contest of endurance. Cryosauna will give you a new feeling that, despite certain specificity, will only benefit.

How did cryosauna Works?

The temperature in the cryosauna can reach 120 to 180 degrees below zero. Uninitiated into details of such therapy such temperature seems too extreme, most people believe that such temperatures cause unbearable pain and lead to the formation of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Actually everything is exactly the opposite, a visit to cryosauna will change your view about the extremely high temperatures.

The application of the cryosauna is one of the most popular procedures in the field of cryotherapy. Treatment of extremely low temperatures, long known to mankind and have long been used for prevention and treatment of many diseases.

The invention of the modern cryosauna is attributed to the Japanese, but judging by historical evidence, thousands of years ago the cold therapy is widely applied Hippocrates. Over time krivandina therapy (treatment of the body cooled to extremely low temperatures gases) became more and more popular, not the last role in the development of cryotherapy played the emergence of new technologies which have allowed to make the procedure more comfortable and easy to perform.

Since the invention cryosauna in the country of the Rising Sun , the technology has undergone extensive refurbishment. Cold treatment has adopted the citizens of Europe, the latter joined the club Americans.

Features of the procedure

In appearance cryosauna reminds vertical Solarium. The building has a Department in which the mixture is cooled gases. This mixture is composed of oxygen and nitrogen cooled to 120-180 degrees below zero. The patient two to three minute immersed in the cloud evaporated nitrogen. Because the procedure is such a short time, cold acts on the surface layer of the skin, which are the thermal receptors. The thermal effect stimulates the vital processes of the organism, in particular activates the immune system, increases metabolism, promotes extensive release of endorphins.

Chilling air, penetrating into deeper layers of skin cells, increases the production of collagen, thereby improving its color and tone. Cryosauna is considered one of the most effective modern methods of struggle with various illnesses, including lack of capillary circulation, obesity, fibromyalgia, asthma, psoriasis, menopausal symptoms, cellulite, a sunburn and premature skin aging.

Experts estimate the level of the release of endorphins after three minutes of stay in the cryosauna is equivalent to the same amount to release endorphins, but after two hours of intensive training. And this is just one of the advantages crisana, in addition to its stimulating and sometimes even euphoric effects.

After a stay in the cryosauna person feels incredible freshness, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, and not only on physical, but also on the psychological level. Cryosauna is often prescribed for people with serious psychological disorders, such as sleep disorder and depression.

Before completion of the course sessions cryosauna is necessary to pass a comprehensive examination procedure shall be carried out by an experienced specialist, landmark technology cryotherapy.

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