LAS VEGAS—The machine looks futuristic, like a time-travel tube or a tanning bed covered in metal and flipped upright and opened at the top to release a fog of nitrogen mist. It’s called a Cryosauna, and it’s among Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s preferred methods of recovery, an extreme, new-age version of an ice bath. One that his personal assistant and resident Cryosauna guru invited to try out.

“I’m going to freeze you,” David Levi says.

Levi opened SubZero Recovery last week. His Cryosauna, which cost about $60,000, was developed in Poland, shipped here from Dallas and used for the first time by Mayweather, the undefeated welterweight now deep in training for his May 2 bout with Manny Pacquiao.

On Tuesday morning, Levi handed over thick blacks socks, a white robe, sandals and wool gloves. His technician told me to step inside the cylinder, which was already filled with a cloud of nitrogen that swirled out of the door as it closed with me inside. The temperature read minus-115°. As in, Celsius.

It felt like a stand-up CT-scan. Only colder. The temperature continued to drop. I could feel it in my legs, a minor, inconvenient chill at first. Thirty seconds passed. The cold moved into my midsection, up toward my head. One minute, gone. The temp gauge read minus-120°. I shivered. One minute thirty seconds. My body shook. It wasn’t an unbearable cold, but it was an uncomfortable one. Two minutes. Thoughts drifted somewhere between “hang on, it’s almost over” to “maybe I should ask if I can get out.”

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Major World Titles:

  • WBC Super Featherweight Champion (130 lbs)
  • WBC Lightweight Champion (135 lbs)
  • WBC Light Welterweight Champion (140 lbs)
  • IBF Welterweight Champion (147 lbs)
  • WBC Welterweight Champion (147 lbs)
  • WBC Light Middleweight Champion (154 lbs)
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  • The Ring Jr. Middleweight Champion (154 lbs)

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  • WBC All Africa Light Welterweight Champion (140 lbs)
  • WBC Emeritus Light Middleweight Champion (154 lbs)
  • WBC Diamond Light Middleweight Champion (154 lbs)
  • WBC 24K Gold Light Middleweight Champion (154 lbs)[155]
  • WBC Supreme Light Middleweight Champion (154 lbs)