Treatments are safe, pain free and surprisingly comfortable. No negative side effects have ever been reported. Many studies endorse the safety and usefulness of Cryosauna procedures. While this therapy has been popular in Europe since the 80′s it has only recently been imported to America. People in all walks of life can benefit from this therapy. Athletes, report that it helps them fine tune, many women love what it does for their skin and everyone feels the benefits of increased vitality.

What is Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy or WBC treatments work by subjecting the patient’s skin to controlled levels of gasiform liquid nitrogen where the patient is surrounded by dry, cold air just for 3 to 3.5 minutes = too little to start freezing; enough to motivate the brain to mobilize and activate all regulatory functions.

WBC stimulates the sympathetic nervous system via alpha-adrenergic receptors, causing dramatic peripheral vasoconstriction. This induces adaptive changes correlating with the effects of analgesia, reduction of inflammation, and increases in serum markers of tissue repair.

When the immune system is stimulated, the released endorphins reduce pain sensitivity and the enriched blood creates favorable conditions for internal organ regeneration, for expelling of toxins from subcutaneous layers, for cell renewal, replacement of damaged cells and elimination of dead cells from peripheral tissues. Every organ is affected positively; self healing of the body occurs.

The Cryosauna structure is Eurpopean – made an the therapy modalities tested and refined over the past 25 years. Cryosauna vertical immersion bath is the latest technology that effectively circulates super cold, very dry air around your body for 3 to 3.5 minutes.

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