Whole Body Cryotherapy process

Κρυοθεραπεία Συνεδρίες While you enter the “Cryosauna” wearing only your underwear and special woolen boots and gloves provided bu us.30 seconds after entering the cryo-chamber, the temperature is reduced from -20 °C to the desired temperature (max of -170 °C).

The intensification of peripheral blood flow, reaches 35 °C which causes only for the skin temperature to immediately drop to -1 ° C (normal skin temperature is 32,5°C).

The session is very short (1.5 – 3 minutes) therefore the temperature of and muscles and internal organs remains are not affected.

The almost instant release of endorphins in the blood (5-10 minutes post-session) creates a long lasting feeling of euphoria (both mental and physical).

Pain healing, weight loss are just some of the results that have been experienced after 3-4 sessions. These can be further enhanced by parallel gym sessions.

A treatment cycle of 10-30 treatments is highly recommended for optimum results.