The sports rehabilitation massage as you have never felt again. Direct removal of galactic acid, elimination of metabolites and lymph fluids.

NormaTec is a leader in the rapid recovery systems. The purpose of Normatec is to give a competitive advantage to athletes, coaches, and trainers. Its aim is to establish the recovery – rehabilitation as an integral part of training each athlete, and we believe that the NormaTec system is the best way to achieve this.

The system recovery pulse compression (patented technology of PULSE NormaTec) including dynamic compression devices designed for quick recovery – recovery and detoxification

The NORMATEC PULSE system includes a central control unit and additional adjustable parts, which fit in the legs, arms or hips. By using compressed air massage, the aim is immediate, reactivation of the muscle and speed recovery, strength and elasticity. The NormaTec Pulse Massage Pattern created by Dr. Laura F. Jacobs, rehabilitation physician and PhD bioengineer, to enhance blood flow and accelerate recovery. This system works in three basic techniques for maximizing recovery.


Pulse pressure

Technology Walk Pulse implements dynamic pressure (pulse) and avoids the use of static pressure. The patented pressure pulse (Pulse Massage Pattern), resembles more effectively the muscular pump of the upper and lower limbs and thus greatly enhances the elimination of lactic acid and its metabolites from the edges after intense exercise.


The veins and lymphatic vessels have one-way valves that prevent reflux. Similarly, the Pulse Technology Norma Tec use pressure zones to prevent fluid flow in the opposite direction. In contrast to the pressure reduction, this assistance allows PULSE systems to exert maximum pressure in every zone.

Regional Release

Prolonged static pressure may prove disastrous for normal blood circulation in the body. Technology Walk Pulse releasing the pressure points when there is no longer regression point. This releases the pressure point of each zone as soon as possible, and each end portion enjoys the maximum rest without spaces between the pressure cycles.



Sports Rehabilitation and recovery.
Treating cellulite and relaxation.
Treating spider veins and varicose veins.
Treating lymphedema.
Treating poor circulation in the limbs.
Accelerating postoperative recovery ends.
Tackling delayed exercise-induced pain (DOMS).
Prevention of deep vein thrombosis (DVT).