Whole Body Cryotherapy


Cryosauna is a newly introduced technology, as far as Greece is concerned and naturally most people are unaware of the numerous benefits associated with it. Pain alleviation, subsidence of all kinds of inflammation, increased mobility, strength, flexibility and treatment of many autoimmune diseases are some of those benefits to name but a few.

Prior to experiencing a session some worry that being subjected to low temperatures during a treatment might make them feel uncomfortable or cold. However, after a treatment a “veil of refreshing coolness” and a “feeling of euphoria” are some of the terms that most of our clients have used to describe their experience.


How it works

Cryosauna works with steam produced by liquid nitrogen. It reduces outer skin temperature from 32.5 ° C to 0° C in 60 seconds or less maintaining it at this level for up to 3 minutes. The sensors of the outer skin, signal the brain which in turn stimulates all regulatory bodily functions. Blood rushes from the edges of the body towards the core as part of a natural defense mechanism. Subsequently, the brain redistributes the blood supply prioritizing to those areas mostly in need of maintenance / repair.

Whole Body Cryotherapy process

While you enter the “Cryosauna” wearing only your underwear and special woolen boots and gloves provided bu us.30 seconds after entering the cryo-chamber, the temperature is reduced from -20 °C to the desired temperature (max of -170 °C).

The intensification of peripheral blood flow, reaches 35 °C which causes only for the skin temperature to immediately drop to -1 ° C (normal skin temperature is 32,5°C).

The session is very short (1.5 – 3 minutes) therefore the temperature of and muscles and internal organs remains are not affected.

The almost instant release of endorphins in the blood (5-10 minutes post-session) creates a long lasting feeling of euphoria (both mental and physical).

Pain healing, weight loss are just some of the results that have been experienced after 3-4 sessions. These can be further enhanced by parallel gym sessions.

A treatment cycle of 10-30 treatments is highly recommended for optimum results.