Supermodels and spas? They go together like peaches and low-fat cream, like non-dairy cheese on gluten-free toast.
Regular spa-bashing is one of the vital components that keep top models able to squeeze into their size-zero jeans and look glowing and healthy, ready for their close-ups.
So why did Kate Moss recently flee a detox spa before her time in carrot juice jail was up?
The supermodel hit the headlines after abruptly exiting the LifeCo spa in Turkey, where alcohol, caffeine, sugar, meat, dairy and anything remotely delicious are banned.
She promptly proceeded to re-tox with gleeful and expert enthusiasm, visiting bars and cafes for sustenance en route to Bodrum airport. There, onlookers reported that she was exceedingly well-refreshed boarding her EasyJet flight back to London.
Naughty Mossy! It’s common knowledge that detoxers must ease gently from the rigours of a deep cleanse back into real life with salads, probiotics and trepidation.
Yet Kate’s hurried departure from her master cleanse after only four days was more like Escape To Alco-traz, with table service, foaming glasses and party nibbles.
How bad could LifeCo be, to make Miss M flee into the night without a backward glance, leaving her spa slippers behind like Cinderella? I decided to find out.
The LifeCo spa, on the north coast of the Bodrum peninsula, has long been popular with celebrities such as Naomi Campbell, Kelly Brook and John Galliano.

It specialises in the seven-day cleanse, a juice-fast programme with a worrying amount of bottom action, including various forms of colon cleansing as an integral part of the experience.
Yikes! Neverthless, I booked in for a week to see if I could stick it out where Kate Moss had bowed out. If it was too much for a spa veteran like her, how could a detox virgin like me survive?
It’s certainly not for the faint of heart, the easily embarrassed or the squeamish. Apart from the liquids-only diet, clients undergo gruelling treatments in the digestive department, which I dread more than the prospect of no food for seven days.
There are multivitamin drips given intravenously. And if you have a single toxin lurking anywhere inside you, the staff here are going to pummel, sluice, scrub, pump, freeze and squeeze it out of you, or die in the attempt.
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